Friday, May 11, 2007

Demonstration of how to open a Coconut

We had learned in class from Lisa that the coconut is a member of the Palm family. The Palm family are monocots which includes grasses and grains.

Coconuts are seeds which can float great distances on the ocean and then spout on a different island or continent.

Mr Frobes winds up to crack open the outer shell of the coconut.

One method to remove the outer covering is to through the coconut sharply onto the sidewalk.

Mr. Forbes takes the first toss.

Shanon throws the coconut sharply on the the sidewalk.

Megan takes a toss

Megan takes a toss, originally uploaded by powersdale.

The outer covering of the coconut is cracked open.

After the outer covering of the coconut was cracked open, it is time to revome it.

Ripping the cover off the coconut.

This partcular coconut was nicely dried out -- which resulted in the covering being hard to remove.